About Us

The Greenscape Gals changed the business name to Greenscape Geeks in 2015 to welcome our newest owner, Nick Abbott. Please bear with us as we transition our website. We are awesome landscapers, but not so great at the web design.

For five years, the Greenscape Geeks have provided organic and sustainable lawn care and landscaping to the Greater Indianapolis area. Our clientele include homeowners, neighborhood associations, and various types of commercial organizations, all with the desire to create colorful, inspiring, and edible outdoor spaces that are friendly to the environment and all living creatures, including bees, butterflies, birds, pets, and children. If that philosophy meshes with yours, then we are probably the perfect landscaping company for you.

Our Specialties:

Other Services

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups
Hardscaping – pathways, patios and more
Soil Tests
Soil Amendment
Overseeding/Bare Spot Seeding/Re-seeding of Lawns
Pruning of shrubs and small trees
Removal of shrubs and small trees
Sod Installation

Call or text 317-801-5833, email lanette@greenscapegeeks.com, or fill out an estimate request form to set up an appointment. Also, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Thank you for visiting!

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