About Our Geeks

CoupleNick and Lanette photod for five years and engaged to be married this coming October 2015, Nick and Lanette met while obtaining their Master of Science degrees in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from Ball State University (BSU). While at BSU, Lanette worked as assistant property manager for BSU’s Field Station and Environmental Education Center (FSEEC), where she helped maintain the school’s 400 acres of woods, prairie, wetlands and greenhouses, while Nick interned at the Muncie Bureau of Water Quality.

They now both work full-time for the Greenscape Geeks. Lanette is also the editor of Natural Awakenings Indy magazine.

Why we encourage sustainable care of lawns and gardens:

  • We like to promote health and wellness for our bodies and the local economy by encouraging people to eat local, pesticide-free and non-GMO foods. What better way to save money and know exactly what went in to growing your food than to grow your own?
  • We LOVE flowers, bugs and birds! Only certain plants provide  butterflies, bees, birds and other good bugs with the necessary habitat to thrive, pollinate our crops, and eat pests. Furthermore, if you buy those plants from certain big box stores and other unreliable nurseries, they likely have been treated with neonicotinoid insecticides that harm beneficial insects. All of our plants are from responsible sources.
  • Less than 1% of the world’s water is fresh and accessible. For that reason, it is imperative that  our society learns to conserve water and stops polluting our lakes and streams with unnecessary chemicals that actually do more harm to turf than good. Visit our lawn care page to read more about our natural methods.
  • Our dog, Ender, loves to eat grass and roll around outside. We would prefer the outdoors be a safe environment free from harmful chemicals for all animals and children . Meet our boy!

Ender Abbott-Erby

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