Organic Lawn Maintenance

Our turf rejuvenation program restores even the unhealthiest lawn to a lush and balanced habitat that is safe for all creatures. We use absolutely no chemicals that are harmful to the environment, pets, and children, stressing soil balance over dangerous and outdated topical chemical applications. Balancing soil for optimum nutrients, oxygen, and water flow helps grass roots grow deep into the ground and naturally choke out weeds, instead of reaching for chemicals on the soil surface and creating thatch, which is fed on by grubs, which draw moles. Our methods also help your lawn remain self-sufficient, so that it can survive during times of stress, like drought and long winters. Chemical applications make your lawn dependent on the chemicals, much like pharmaceuticals make us dependent on more pharmaceuticals without ever addressing the root cause of the illness. It is time to ditch the ways of the past, save money, conserve water, and have a beautiful, diverse lawn that is safe for bees, pets, and children.

Fill out an estimate request or contact us to receive an estimate for your annual compost tea application!

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