Non-Chemical Fertilizer Treatments

When you have weeds mixed in amongst your turf that you just want to be rid of without chemicals and products harmful to pets, people and the environment, we can help. We use 100% corn gluten meal, a by-product of the corn wet milling process and scientifically proven as a safe way to treat your lawn.

We DON’T over-fertilize your lawn!

Most businesses that fertilize lawns tell customers they need five, six, or even seven treatments for a healthy lawn. This is simply not true. Fertilization in general creates a leafy top growth on turf without strengthening the root system. Over-fertilization gives the appearance of a healthy, growing lawn all summer long (and puts more coin in the company’s pockets with each visit), but this approach is actually harming your turf and making it more prone to stress and disease by not encouraging a healthy root system. After last year’s drought, one could tell which lawns were over-fertilized from all the bare spots where the turf died. Over-fertilization is also one of the primary causes of thatch (grass clippings do NOT cause thatch), which is fine for the company that wants to charge you for de-thatching, but we would rather see safe practices that cause less harm to the environment.

With only two applications of corn gluten meal per year and by utilizing proper mowing techniques, we can save you money, while also creating a beautiful and weed free lawn that is healthy enough to withstand even severe drought conditions.

Request a free estimate!

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