Weekly mowing, trimming and edging

If you want your turf golf-course short and completely weed free, then you might want to call someone who will throw poisons on your lawn because you can’t have short AND weed free without lots of chemicals. We follow mowing guidelines that are scientifically proven to shade out unwanted weeds, support a healthy soil structure, and encourage a strong root system so that your lawn can withstand stresses like drought conditions.

  • We leave grass blades at least 2.5″ high. Mowing any shorter allows sunlight to reach the soil and begin germination of unwanted weed seeds, such as crabgrass, dandelions, purslane and spurge.
  • We leave clippings to add natural nitrogen to the soil to feed your grass. We fertilize, too, but responsibly with Corn Gluten Meal. Visit our fertilization page to learn more about our fertilization methods.
    Myth: Clippings cause thatch.
    Fact: Over-fertilization and over-watering cause thatch.
  • We always mow with a sharp blade. Ragged cuts with dull blades inhibit the ability for grass to take in nutrients from the sun.

Our contract packages that include mowing, string trimming and edging start at $40/week for small residential lawns. Fill out an Estimate Request Form to get started today!

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